Experience Parkview

Sunday, March 17  /  8:30am - 12:30pm


It's time to reach out to our community and invite someone to Parkview!

We want to provide the opportunity for you to feel supported when you invite a friend to church, so we have crafted a special Experience Parkview Sunday with you and your friend in mind. We want them to visit and find a church they will love!

When you invite a friend to visit Parkview Community Church on March 17, you can expect them to walk into a casual environment filled with friendly faces, breakfast in the lobby, and something for the whole family.

Services will continue as normal along with the presentation of the gospel at the end of service. Even if the person you invited is already a Christian, we will have plenty of fun ways to your friend to connect, grow and possibly find a church they love.

Let's take some action steps in our faith and reach our community together.