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May 22, 2021


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World Vision Global 6K

DATE: Saturday, May 22, 2021

TIME: All Day

Location: Wherever you find yourself on that day! In your neighborhood, on a trail, or even on a treadmill – anywhere!

The Global 6K is going virtual!

Last year, nearly 500 of us from Parkview gathered to walk or run 6 kilometers in the name of clean water and fullness of life. This year, we’re taking the 6K to our own backyards, each completing it in our individual neighborhoods. The really cool part? This is now a unique opportunity for your family to have fun together while spreading hope right next door AND around the world!

As hundreds of us from across Parkview take to the streets of our own neighborhoods – mobilized for clean water and wearing our 6K t-shirts and race bibs – we can only imagine the curiosity we’re going to generate and the conversations we’ll have with neighbors as they stop to ask us what it is we’re doing and why. (You might even cross paths with another Parkview family!)

When you register for the World Vision Global 6K, you’ll receive everything you need directly in the mail, including your t-shirt, race bib, and medal. Would we have loved to put that medal around your neck ourselves? You bet. But we’re far more excited to see Parkview families spreading joy and hope across our ENTIRE county.

We still want to see you wearing your medal though! We’ll be gathering for the most EPIC virtual pep rally at 9AM that morning. Then we’ll scatter to hit the pavement in our own backyard. We’ll be celebrating you throughout the day and sharing photos of ourselves as we complete our race!

Adult registration: $50 (Brings clean, lasting water to one person!)

Child registration: $25

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