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Watch Parkview online at 3:30PM

Alex Ferguson

Executive Pastor of Operations & Finance

Myers-Briggs: ENTP-The Debater

Enneagram Number and Title: 8-The Challenger

Spiritual Gifts: Pastoring and Wisdom

Top Strengths: Input, Self-Assurance, Relator, Restorative, Communication

Personal Bio

Serving as the Executive Pastor of Operations and Finance for Parkview, Alex Ferguson focuses his efforts on supporting all ministries of the church through planning, preparation, and execution.  His primary goal in this role is to ensure that each department within the church has the necessary resources to be able to meaningfully serve others. He hopes to inspire personal growth and improvement for leaders involved in each ministry. While his hands often perform many behind the scenes tasks, Alex also leads others from the front lines and sets an example of servitude through hard work, efficiency, and humility.

Attending Texas A&M Corpus Christi, the University of Texas, and Olivet University, Alex completed his studies in Business Administration. Originally from Wheaton, Illinois, he is happily married to Anna. They have two daughters named Esther and Nyla. In his role as #girldad, Alex devotes his focus and time to learn how to best encourage his girls’ passions and interests while exhibiting the love and grace of Christ in his interactions. Known as a loyal person, Alex places value on connecting and forming deep relationships with family, friends, and neighbors. Alex considers every aspect of life an experience whether it is a simple trip to the market or a family vacation with his loved ones.

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