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John Weger


Myers-Briggs: E N F J 

Enneagram: 1, The Reformer

Spiritual Gifts: Faith, Intercession, Leadership

Strength Finder (Top Strengths): Relator, Includer, Ideation, Positivity, Empathy

Personal Bio

John Weger oversees a high-level of comfort, safety, cleanliness, and hospitality within Parkview facilities so that people can experience a welcoming and distraction-free environment to work, serve, and worship God.

John studied computer programming at St. Edwards High School and currently resides in Elgin. He is married to Elissa, and together they have two beautiful girls, Alice and Tulip. Outside of work, John likes to teach his girls new things, read comics, and involve himself with anything related to Star Wars.

He is most passionate about working at Parkview to help provide a tranquil space for people to focus on growing their relationship with God and community. He also cares deeply for freeing those in human trafficking.

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