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2020 Easter Communion

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2020 Easter Communion  

During Parkview’s Easter Services, we will lead the church in “remote communion” as part of our celebration. Communion is an ancient act of worship instituted by Jesus over 2,000 years ago. In essence, it is a visual sermon that reminds Christians of the promises of God, secured for us by way of Jesus’ death and resurrection. 

Just hours before his arrest, Jesus observed Passover with his closest friends. Passover is when Jewish people remember God’s deliverance from slavery in Egypt. An important part of the celebration involves a multi-course meal. During the meal, nearly all the elements on the table represent various aspects of the Passover/Exodus story. It was during this meal, Jesus shared matza [unleavened bread] with his disciples explaining how it was a symbol of his body sacrificed for sin.  He also shared a cup of wine as a symbol of his blood poured out for the forgiveness of sin.

Texts to Read: To prepare you and your family for communion, it might help to read Exodus 12 -13; Luke 22:7-20; Matthew 26:7-20.

Elements Needed: 

  • Enough Matza [Ritz Crackers or Goldfish will work just fine] for everyone in your home.
  • Enough Wine [grape juice, red wine or red Kool-Aid will work] for everyone participating.
  • A common cup is probably not the best idea given our current cultural situation, therefore each participant should have their own cup.
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