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New Here?

Learn about what to expect for your first visit to Parkview. Get all the details on what happens on Sunday mornings by visiting our “New Here” web page.


To see every story redeemed by the love of Jesus


To love Jesus in a way that inspires
others to love Jesus

Core Values

We are a Gospel-Centered Church

We are an Equipping Church

We are an Involved Church

We are a Sacrificial Church

We are a Bold Church

Restoration Statement

At Parkview, we believe every story matters to God, so everything we do – led by the power of the Holy Spirit – is to create a place where healing, redemption, transformation, and restoration are possible for a world longing to be loved.


Read about our beliefs below! Visit our “New Here” webpage to get all the info you need for your first visit to Parkview Community Church.

Our Leadership

With a humble heart and open hands to God, our Staff and Elders work together to shape the vision, spiritual growth, and direction of Parkview as an organization.


The staff at Parkview are just like anyone else – imperfect people that are loved and valued by God. We believe that Parkview’s staff is an extension of the ministries we steward. Get to know more about each staff member below.


Getting to know the leadership at Parkview is important. Take a look at the current Board of Elders.

If you have any questions about the Elders, please contact

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