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Our Values


Parkview is a great place to build lifelong relationships, receive care and support, and thrive in your relationship with God. Learn more about our values and meet the team below.

Meet our Local and Global Partners

Parkview has a history of coming alongside individuals and organizations who feel God’s call to reach people with the Gospel.

Throughout Scripture, we see how God’s heart has always been for all the nations to respond to His grace–every tribe, every tongue, every culture. 

It is a privilege and blessing to send ministry partners who engage in ministry around the world, bringing the Good News of Jesus to their communities.

In addition to championing the  diversity of God’s Kingdom in our local congregation in Glen Ellyn, we are fortunate to partner with people and organizations all around the world that are making disciples in the name of Jesus.

Because we understand God has gifted everyone differently and placed unique passions in each of us to serve God, Parkview celebrates those differences while holding to these same principles for each partner:

Core Values of Ministry Partners

We love people and organizations that do great humanitarian work, but our call as a church is unique in that we have access to the true hope of the world! This principle certainly plays out differently in each ministry context, but at the end of the day we want to partner with people who are telling people about Jesus, in addition to meeting tangible needs. 

We believe a true partnership goes beyond financial support. We do our best to create real relationships with our partners in which we learn from each other, pray for each other, strategize together, and meet each other’s needs.

We love partnering with people who are deeply ingrained in local communities and immersed in the culture they serve. 

We believe in empowering and working through local people to bring about holistic and sustainable change in communities.

World Relief

DuPage County


Glen Ellyn

Naomi’s House

DuPage County


East Garfield Park



Mark and Tammy Ruch


Nate and Bethany Johnson


Rich and Marla Henderson

Colorado Springs

Sam and Meghan

New York City

Steve and Sharon Entwistle


Team World Vision

Vinnie Cicio

Illinois State Campus

Repeat Boutique

Dupage County
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