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Our Values


Parkview is a great place to build lifelong relationships, receive care and support, and thrive in your relationship with God. Learn more about our values and meet the team below.

Naomi’s House's Mission

We exist because every woman who has suffered from commercial sexual exploitation deserves a new start.

Our Ministry

Naomi’s House is composed of trauma-informed and licensed professional counselors.
With the additional dedication of volunteers, partners, and donors, we are helping women heal and achieve hundreds of self-identified goals. We are faith-based, rooted in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and are committed to the full healing of each exploited woman, believing she is the best advocate for her own care.

About Vinnie


Naomi’s House (NH) was launched in 2016 by two women on staff at The Moody Church. Overwhelmed with the number of women commercially sexually exploited in the Chicagoland area with very limited resources for healing, Simone Halpin and Mary Lowman created Naomi’s House—the first residential program for adult Survivors in the Chicagoland area with a comprehensive, trauma-informed, and gospel-centered approach. Since launching in 2016, NH has grown to three district programs in three locations serving Survivors of sex trafficking. NH believes that every woman who has been commercially sexually exploited deserves a new start. NH and The Moody Church remain partners today—Moody continues to provide organizational over-site to NH while NH is responsible for their own funding.

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