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What is Bible for Everyone?

The Bible for Everyone is a class that covers the “big story” of the Bible. What makes this class unique is that we talk about not only the beauty of the Bible but its challenges as well and help you to decide your own thoughts on various books and verses. Each week we unpack different sections of the Bible and provide tools for reading it effectively.

Who is it for?

Anyone can join! Though we found that there are a few types of people who get the most out of the class. First, there are those who have grown up reading the Bible but want a fresh take on the book. One the other hand, the class is also helpful for those who are looking to just understand more generally how the Bible works and what it’s all about.

Where can it lead?

To a deeper understanding of God. The Bible in itself is not something we worship, but it points us to a God who loves his people. Our ultimate goal is that the Bible would feel more approachable so that you can gain greater intimacy with the God of the universe.


What is the impact?

The Bible has been a source of difficulty for many people trying to know more about God. This class has an opportunity to not only change your personal relationship with God but to give you an opportunity to have more informed conversations about the Bible. The topics and tools we cover are applicable for years to come.

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