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Chicago 19 Trip – Wednesday

Wednesday was another great day for our ParkviewMSM team! I continue to be amazed at the ease with which our students have built relationships with kids at By the Hand. Today five of our students led two new enrichment activities: a craft and a basketball skills challenge. The hardest part of the day is leaving, as the kids have missed our students and vice-versa. It is hard to believe we have one more day left with them!

At Breakthrough, we had a big work project day. We helped them sort through many of their new deliveries for different events and also helped set up for their summer block parties. There was a lot of organizing and lifting going on. Breakthrough shared how our help was immensely important, given the task was not possible alone with just a couple of staff. That said, we didn’t get as far as we like because the heat outside was simply getting a bit overwhelming, so we cut things a little short.

Overall our students have loved the experience and navigated the hot summer with some pretty smart fan placement in their dorms 🙂

We have one day left! Pray we end well and care for the kids and adults tomorrow the best way we know-how.

Because Jesus Loves Students,
Josh Afram
Middle School Pastor

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