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Family Dedications

As a Family Pastor I get the privilege of creating environments for kids to grow in their relationship with Jesus and create marker moments for families.  Family Dedications are one of these marker moments. It is an exciting part of my role here at Parkview because it is such a meaningful and deep experience.

Family Dedications at Parkview are a time for parents to dedicate themselves to raise their children in a home which will honor Jesus and provide the environment in which they can come to know and love Him as they grow. It is a commitment to make Jesus the center of their family. It is a wonderful event that marks the parent’s intentions and commitment to share their faith in Jesus with their children in a way that causes their children to know and love Jesus and to grow in their understanding of the gift of His love and grace to us. It is also a wonderful way for the congregation to meet the families of Parkview— often it is an introduction of a new baby.  

This is like what we see Hannah do with her baby, Samuel, in the Bible. She brought him to church and promised the Lord she would raise him to love and follow God. Jesus’ parents, Mary and Joseph, likewise, take him to the temple to be dedicated as well.

At Parkview, we’re here for you and your kids. Our Family Dedications are an opportunity for us as a church to come alongside you as a parent and join you in your parenting journey. It’s also a wonderful way we can be present in supporting one another!

We are here to partner with parents to lead children into a transformational relationship with Jesus and that they do not have to do the parenting journey alone.  We give parents many tools like apps and books to help them along the journey but most importantly we commit our presence in the life of their family.  It’s a place of great connection and, for many new parents, a beginning of a meaningful partnership.

Dedications take place in a private service with children, their parents, and extended family who can join us in this momentous occasion! Dedication day is full of families, friends and great memories but my favorite part is when we give each child a brand new Children’s Bible.  Our hope and prayer is that these early years is when they will build their foundation of faith and that the Bible they receive becomes a part of that journey. The journey ahead of each of these little ones  will have many ups and downs but hopefully their family, their faith, and their church will be an anchor that can always rely on as they grow

We count it an honor to stand with families as they dedicate themselves to God and to support them in raising kids who know and love Jesus.  We believe that parents are the best opportunity to model for their children what it looks like to love, serve, and follow Jesus and we are grateful to be a part of the parenting journey alongside each one of them.

We look forward to the opportunity to dedicate even more families in the coming years and cannot wait to see what God does in and through each of these lives and families. 

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