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Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Everyone

Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Everyone

Dads rock. They are unwavering in the chaos. So in typical dad joke fashion, you should just buy dad the biggest rock you can find! You could even paint it. Or make handprint pavers for the garden.

We know that Father’s Day celebrates more than just dads, so you can use these ideas for any father figure or role model.

Here are some more ideas of things you can create to show how much he means to you:

  • Make a photo collage or scrapbook
  • A Handprint Mustache Card
  • Write a Name Poem with the letters “F” for “Fun”, “A” for “Amazing,” etc. you can use the word Father, Papa, or his name
  • A homemade world’s best dad award
  • Write down the top 10 reasons you love dad
  • A Monster Hug Card

Today is a day for Dad to put aside anything that feels like work. Let him do what he enjoys:

  • Let him get dibs on the TV remote
  • Try out his favorite hobby with him
  • Play a pickup game in the backyard
  • Make your own mini-golf course
  • Go fishing or hiking
  • Enjoy some peace and quiet
  • Take a picnic to his favorite park
  • Break out his favorite board or card game
  • Play some video games- his choice
  • Fire up the grill
  • Watch replays of his favorite team’s ball games
  • Watch a movie together
  • Taste test some of his favorite desserts

What else could you do that would help make his life a little easier? If you aren’t able to do something now, you can make a coupon booklet to be turned in later.

  • Mow the lawn or help with outside chores
  • Wash the car inside and out
  • Charge up all his devices for him
  • Bake his favorite cookies
  • Make breakfast in bed
  • Spruce up the man cave

This Father’s Day, let’s try to be intentional about spending time with Dad. There are usually so many distractions that keep us from family time. If he’s far away, then make a phone call or plan a video call. Ask about what life was like when he was a kid. What were his hobbies and dreams when he was your age? Think about the good memories and make plans to get together in person again. What will be the first sports game or concert you attend together?

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