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Parkview is a great place to build lifelong relationships, receive care and support, and thrive in your relationship with God. Learn more about our values and meet the team below.

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What is Follow Me?

Follow Me explores our role in bringing the goodness, beauty, and design of heaven to a hurting world. Follow Me will help wake us up to some of the harsh realities of this world while prompting us to respond in the way of Jesus. Together, we will explore Scripture, study culture, learn about (and from) some of Parkview’s partners, and commit to being a part of God’s plan of redemption for our world.

Who is it for?

Follow Me is for anyone who has ever felt the brokenness in our world. 

Follow Me is for anyone who has ever been curious about how they can bring hope and healing to a hurting world. 

Follow Me is for anyone willing to be stretched by other cultures and perspectives. 

Where can it lead?

Follow Me can lead to an expanded, more empathetic, view of the world. Ideally, this class will lead you into active participation in God’s plan for redemption.

What is the impact?

When we actively seek to live in the way of Jesus, every part of our lives are impacted. Our families, our jobs, our schools, our communities. Living on mission can help restore communities, heal relationships, and bring about renewal in our personal lives. 

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