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Resolutions Redefined – Resolve (Part 4)

Resolutions Redefined – Resolve (Part 4)

If you have not already, take a moment to download and read through our Resolutions Redefined Practice. These practices are intended to be sacred space for you and God to think about the last year and look with hope towards what is ahead in 2021.

Do you make New Year’s resolutions? It seems like for most of us they cycle through the same types of things – losing weight, getting in shape, sticking to a budget, cleaning out our houses. Some of us have grown tired and just don’t even bother resolving to do anything!

I was amazed to find out more about the foundations of the word “resolution.” It comes from the Latin word “resolvere”.  Re – means to express extensive force and Solvere – means to loosen. So, my CJ translation (not nearly as good as the Ray K translation 😉 ) is that it means to put energy into loosening.

I think of it like untying a knot.

What would it look like if we resolved this year to loosen? Loosen our grip on worry or control? Loosen the knots in our hearts and minds? Loosen our hands to be open to receive God’s goodness, grace, peace, & love?

What if our New Year’s resolutions were to learn to reflect, release, & receive every day? What would change in your life? What would your breathing look like? What kind of person would you become if this is what you resolved to do this year?

I hope you will take some time to write out your thoughts and ideas for how you could incorporate this rhythm into your life. The idea of 2021 being a year of loosening feels both exciting and so freeing.  Let’s do this!

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