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Spring Break for Middle Schoolers

Spring Break for Middle Schoolers during Covid-19

Written by Kathy Jack

As a mom of a middle school and an elementary school student, I am so proud of my kids how they have adjusted to this new normal. I tell them every day that they are helping the common good as we fight this virus. In our home, my husband and I are fortunate enough to work, and we have let them know they are helping with that as well! 

During the last two weeks of E-learning,  I have learned that my kids, and kids in general, have resilience, especially when we let them have it! We have done our work well in that our middle schoolers know how to connect with each other, their teacher and us! We just have to give them the space to allow for that. Give them time in their rooms, but check on them and get them out with a movie you know they would like, or a game or a meal! They love meals! 

During spring break, give them some expectations but also during free time, challenge them to FaceTime their grandparents or other family members. Challenge them to do a project in their room like cleaning, but maybe something that would make their room a better place. We painted a chalkboard wall that did not cost very much,  and now can be used creatively as well as for positive communication. Draw something funny and let them laugh at you, or write a loving affirmation. You can do this with notes as well!

Get outside, play basketball if you have a net, good old “pig”, or get out your backyard games and get a little muddy. Go for long walks and if they need space (which they will), let them go for their own walk. Challenge them to listen to a book, and then have them tell you what they like about the book. Cook together or let them bake or cook something for you! They really can! Overall get to know what your middle schooler likes and do that with them! This is an opportunity to know them and enjoy their child-like ways. But they are also growing up and showing their adult-like ways too!

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