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Nikki LePore

Pastor of Care and Women

Myers-Briggs: ISFJ-The Defender

Enneagram Number and Title: 9-The Peacemaker

Spiritual Gifts: Care and Faith

Top Strengths: Connectedness, Positivity, Developer, Achiever, and Responsibility

Personal Bio

As the Pastor of Care and Women, Nikki LePore is passionate about people.  She genuinely cares for all the members of Parkview Community Church as well as the people in the surrounding community.  Truly driven by a love for God and His people, it is her desire to create a space of belonging where people realize they are seen and noticed within the church.  Hoping to share this message with all those around her, Nikki believes that nothing is impossible for God and that “we are God’s Plan A for the world.”   Nikki’s exciting childhood took place in Las Vegas, Nevada where she tap danced on a Jerry Lewis Telethon at age 8 and later toured with a worship band called “180.”  Together she and her husband, Sam, have two sons named Jack and Charlie.  With a desire for intentionality, Nikki loves lavishing her children with attention and being involved in her kids’ schools.  In a rare quiet moment, she also delights in curling up with a good book and sipping a cup of coffee. 

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