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Walk Worthy: Week 4, The Encourager

Acts 4:36-37

  • Barnabas had reason to be angry and bitter. Yet we see him affirming and breathing life into people, reminding others of how good, loving, gracious and generous God is. Consider your thoughts, words and deeds over the past few months. Does that describe you?
  • Ray explained the difference between giving in the early church – which was public and energetic – and giving in today’s church culture – which is very private. What do we stand to learn from the early church? How might we incorporate that into the way we give today?
  • Barnabas led the way in forgiveness, believing no one was outside of God’s grace and the ability to change. Is there anyone in your life for whom you’ve stopped extending grace?
  • Discipleship in the early church happened organically around tables and in homes in small groups, doing daily life alongside other Christians. Does your life include this? What have been the obstacles to having more of this in your life?
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