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Week 2: Love, Grace, Mercy

As believers in Jesus, we have experienced God’s unconditional and impartial love and should be demonstrating the same kind of love to other people – no matter who they are. Yet, James saw favoritism exhibited in some churches. Those who were rich were more welcomed and treated better than the poor. James indicates that the way we treat people reflects what we truly believe about God. Read James 2:1-13.

Why was favoritism so condemned by James?

Prejudice means to negatively pre-judge people without knowing the truth about them. Bigotry is prejudice in action. Do you hold any prejudices against certain people or people groups? If so, who and why?

Ask God to show you if there is any way in which you are showing favoritism or discriminating against any person or people groups.

Read a book dealing with matters of prejudice, bigotry and racism.

Involve yourself in organizations or programs that serve the poor or other marginalized people in your community.

Dear Lord, open my eyes to see if there are any prejudices or worse in my life. Forgive me if there are. As one who has experienced your grace and mercy, open my eyes to ways I can show the same to others. Whoever it may be, give me the strength and courage to love my neighbor as much as I love myself. Make me more like Jesus today. AMEN.

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