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Week 4: Giver of Gifts

James warns us against making a common mistake; so often we attribute our temptations or our hardships to God but fail to give thanks to him for the generous gifts he so freely gives. James’ reminder is a helpful one and can help us see our everyday experience as a gift from God.

Read James 1:13-18.

Why do you think we tend to “blame God” for our temptations or our struggles?

Why is it so difficult to see God as the giver of all good gifts?

Ask God to reveal to you one gift that you have never truly thought about as being from God? Thank Him for that gift today.

This week, keep a record of the gifts God puts in your life. Pay attention to things that you might normally overlook, like the laughter of a child, the sunshine on your face, the shoes on your feet, or the milk in your fridge.

Before you go to bed each night, spend time acknowledging and thanking God for the gifts he has given you that day.

If you are willing, post what you are grateful for each day and use #PCCgrateful or tag Parkview in your posts so we can thank God with you! (If you aren’t on social media, send Andy an email with a photo and we would love to post it!)

Dear Lord, help me see you as the giver of all good gifts. Thank you for the many blessings you give each day. Help me become more aware of all the ways in which your goodness manifests itself in our world. You are indeed a good father who gives graciously and generously to His children. AMEN.

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