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Week 5: Patience is a Virtue

Patience is a virtue means having the capacity, with God’s help, to wait with grace. Being patient in suffering is simple but not easy. It can feel like we are in the middle of winter with no hope of spring. Each season is important for growth and it’s ok to feel what we feel but it’s what we do with these feelings that counts. A patience posture during these times is one that reflects on the season, recalls the past, receives God’s compassion and grace, and represents Jesus during difficulty.

Read James 5:7-11. Reflection:
What has been hard about this season of life? What has been good? Where has God shown up for me in the past?
How can I receive God’s compassion and mercy today?
How am I treating those closest to me during this time?

God, what do you want to reveal to me during this season? What are you inviting me into?

Write down what you are suffering through right now in detail.

Take some time to write down what you hope God will do with your current situation.

Attend a Care and Recovery Group on Monday Nights at Parkview for support.

A Prayer:
Here I am, Lord
(Pause and breathe for 30 seconds)
I bring in your loving presence in my current season of life
(Pause and breathe for 30 seconds)
Bring to mind where you have shown up for me in the past as a reminder of your faithfulness
(Pause and breathe for 60 seconds)
I open my hands and my heart to receive your love, grace, compassion and mercy
(Pause and breathe for 30 seconds)
May I be a reflection of your love to those closest to me in this current suffering
(Pause and breathe for 30 seconds)

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