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Worship throughout the week . . .

This week, we enter the most significant week of the Church calendar, known by most traditions as Holy Week. Holy Week helps us remember and celebrate the final days of Jesus’ life; His death by crucifixion as well as His victory over the cross! As we look back on these events, we have a unique vantage point—we know the end of the story! So while we cringe at the hard and painful moments of this week, we also celebrate the ultimate reversal that comes from the events of Easter—life through death. 

While there is great joy and anticipation in celebrating the events of Easter morning, there is much to be gained from walking with Jesus and His disciples through the events leading up to the cross. As we prepare for this journey, I am reminded of Jesus’ words to His disciples during their final meal together. Spoken 2,000 years ago in the shadow of the cross, there are hardly more fitting words for us today: 

“Do not let your hearts be troubled or afraid.  Believe confidently in God and trust in Him – have faith, hold onto it, rely on it, keep going! Believe also in Me.” John 14:1

Jesus spoke these words with full knowledge that His followers were about to embark on some of the most painful days of their life as well as face their greatest test of faith yet.

What does this mean for us—the 2020 Christ Follower who knows the glorious culmination of this story? I believe Jesus would say these very words to us even now…

Do not let your heart be afraid…Believe, have faith, keep going!

We know the end of the story. We know Jesus has overcome sin. We know Jesus has overcome the grave. We know Jesus is our living hope! No matter what we may face this week or this season, we rely on these truths—Jesus is our victory! So let our hearts not be troubled…

For me, music is one tangible way I fill my mind and heart with these declarations as I allow the lyrics to remind me of all Jesus has done. As we journey through Holy Week together, I have put together an Easter playlist on Spotify, full of reminders of the greatness of Jesus. This week, let’s allow these wonderful songs to ease our troubled hearts as we put our faith in the wonderful person and work of Jesus! 

Parkview Easter Playlist

Worship with the Parkview Easter Playlist

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