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Red Letter Questions – Week 2

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Message Summary

We are not called to be a retaliatory people – we are called to model our Heavenly Father by extending love, grace, and mercy to those around us.  We are called to be different and to make a difference.

Engaging the Word

What stood out to you in the message? What did you relate to? What did you not understand? Any new insight you are taking away? 

Read Luke 6, focusing on verses 39-40

  1. Who are the people in this passage? 
  2. Briefly summarize what Jesus teaches about in Luke 6.  What topics does he cover?
  3. What do you learn from the passage about how Jesus wants us to interact with and treat others?

Engaging the Heart

Spend some time considering the questions Ray presented in his message:

  1. Have you accepted and experienced the love, goodness, mercy, and forgiveness of God through faith in Jesus? If not, ask and you will receive.
  2. Is your life mirroring your Father in Heaven in how you treat those who disagree with and/or have hurt you somehow? If yes, in what ways? If no, ask God to remind you of His love, mercy, and forgiveness toward you.
  3. What person, group, or community of people are you judging, condemning, not forgiving or loving? Ask God to help you do it.

Engaging our World

Close your time in prayer around the topics Ray shared in his message.

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