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October 18 - November 8

Finding Common Ground in a Culture of Contempt.

The 2020 election season is here. We are just weeks away from what will be an election, unlike any other in recent history. Each week it seems the messages of fear and division increase.

What if we approached the next few weeks differently? What if, instead of allowing the rhetoric to divide us, we sought unity and harmony? Is that even possible right now? There is so much energy around political discussions, so much fear.  

There is another way. A different path forward.  

I recently read a study looking at polarization in America today: what drives us apart, and what can bring us back together. The research uncovered a different story underneath the issues that polarize Americans. The study revealed a large segment of the American population defined by their core beliefs, rather than their political opinions, race, class, or gender. 

“77% of Americans believe our differences are not so significant that we cannot come together.”

Does that describe you? Do you feel exhausted? I do, and I bet many of you feel the same way. I don’t think it needs to be this way. As Christians, we need to be people who actively seek common ground. We need to be the people who love all the people. When we push against the forces intent on dividing us, we create a different path forward—a way not marked by exhaustion, but joy and peace.

Over these next four weeks, we will look at what it takes to reclaim our calling, to step beyond the messages fed to us, and examine what it means to be a follower of Jesus in these very charged times.

So, this election season, what if we did something different? What if we loved anyway, walked with integrity, and bore witness to the love, mercy, and grace of Christ this election season?

Join us for these four weeks of The American Dream.

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Weekly Messages

Each week we will provide you with helpful messages, resources, and guides to encourage you during this election season.

Week 4

Be the Kingdom of God
Available Nov. 9

Election Survival Guide

Stories On The Street

Hear what others are saying leading up to the 2020 election.

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