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Red Letter Questions – Week 4

Message Summary

Jesus – His mission, His purpose, His teaching – is offensive.  The Gospel is offensive because it turns our lives upside down.  It reorients us and causes us to have to give up our own desires for the sake of God and others.

Engaging the Word

What stood out to you in the message? What did you relate to? What did you not understand? Any new insight you are taking away? 

Read John 6

  1. Summarize what happens in John 6.  What events occur? What does Jesus teach? Who are the people? Where does Jesus travel?
  2. Read verses 60-69 again.  What was the response of Jesus’ disciples to His teachings?
  3. Why did Jesus ask the questions in these verses?
  4. How did Peter respond to Jesus? Why do you think he responded as he did?

Engaging the Heart

  1. How do you respond to Jesus’ question – “Do you want to leave too?”
  2. What about Jesus offends you?
  3. Spend some time thinking about the things to which you turn instead of the Gospel, instead of Jesus.  What does it look like for you to answer Jesus’ question the way Peter answered it? “Where else would I go?”

Engaging our World

Spend time either together or on your own praying about what Andy taught this week.  What was meaningful for you? What action do you need to take? Share with a friend or group member if you are comfortable.

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