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Red Letter Questions – Week 3

Message Summary

In times of crisis, tragedy, pain, and confusion there is one question, which no doubt dominates our minds – it’s a question that haunts us whenever we stop & try to reconcile what has taken place.  The question is Why?  Why do these kind of things happen?  Why is there such tragedy – not only in our nation – but around the world. 

Engaging the Word

What stood out to you in the message? What did you relate to? What did you not understand? Any new insight you are taking away? 

Read Luke 13:1-5

  1. The people were talking about tragedy and Jesus shifts the conversation by asking a question about sin. Why do you think this is where Jesus decided to put the focus?
  2. When the people are facing uncertainty about the world around them Jesus calls the to repent. What does this mean?
  3. As Ray mentioned, Jesus doesn’t clearly answer the people’s underlying questions about difficulties. Instead he leaves it more open ended. Why do you think that is?

Engaging the Heart

  1. When faced with crisis or tragedy we can have many different responses, not all of them are helpful. List some of the ways we tend to respond (good and bad responses).
  2. Of the responses you listed, which ones are the most helpful?
  3. Why do you think it is easy for us to lean toward some of the less helpful responses in times like these?

Engaging our World

Think about the things that bring you hope in these difficult times. Spend some time writing in a journal or call a friend and discuss these things. Maybe even make a hopeful post on social media or share a post you have found particularly helpful.

Spend some time in prayer alone, with your family, with a friend on the phone… Pray for peace and hope in these times.

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