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Watch Parties

While we haven’t been able to gather as one big church, we’ve worked hard to stay connected during this time of physical separation, and we’re excited about our new ability to gather in small groups!

As the state of Illinois has now approved in-person gatherings of fifty people or less, we’re able to host in-person Watch Parties of our weekend service! Watch Parties are a way for us to be together as the Church in smaller numbers, while also inviting our friends and neighbors to experience Jesus. Below we walk through the three simple steps to hosting an awesome in-person Watch Party.

Rather stay virtual? Host a Watch Party online! Facebook makes it easy to invite others to watch Parkview’s services and chat together at the same time

Who's watching?

This could be your neighbors, your Community Group, your Growth Track table – whoever you want! This is a great opportunity to invite people to experience church as it simply requires walking next door or driving to a friend’s place.  Maybe God has placed someone specific in your heart and mind, be bold and ask them over to watch with you!


Where you at?

It’s summer, friends! The weather is beautiful and open-air environments are safer than closed spaces, so we recommend hosting in your driveway, your backyard, or your garage (can you say garage party?!). Outdoor spaces also give us a chance for others to stroll by and see what we’re up to! 

If you prefer to be indoors, your living room or basement is also a great choice!

Once you have a place, think through other hospitality aspects, like drinks, snacks, and seating – when these are done right, people will want to come back next week!

Ready to play?

Always, always test the tech beforehand. Have everything set up and give it a go to make sure everything is working right. This will keep you distraction-free and ready to host as people arrive!

If watching from inside your home, you can easily stream the service on your TV as you normally would – either from Facebook Live (did you know they have a TV app?), Youtube or Parkview’s website. 

When you opt in to host a Watch Party, we’ll send you a link where you can download Parkview’s Sunday services ahead of time.

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