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In-Person Watch Party Hospitality Hints

In an effort to ensure everyone feels comfortable, let’s be mindful of these hospitality hints as we invite people to our in-person Watch Parties.

We’re ready for you

Nothing communicates care like having a space ready for your guests when they arrive. Put in the extra effort to make it cozy and fun. For instance, make sure your garage is clean, have some music playing, put up string lights. Make sure you have enough seating or tell people it’s BYOC (bring your own chair).


Social but separate

Remember to maintain social distancing best you can throughout your time together. Avoid placing chairs right next to each other as you set up. As people arrive, lead the way with appropriate greetings. Hugs or handshakes aren’t needed to make people feel welcome! Be willing to be silly – try out elbow bumps, tip of the hat, or heel clicks. People will respect your effort to be safe. If you’re indoors, consider opening the windows as air circulation helps reduce the spread of germs.

Food makes the party

Every great party has food and yours can too! Just think through how you can minimize touching. For instance, can you serve guests cups of coffee instead of having it out on the table where everyone must touch the pot? Could you serve cinnamon rolls that are easy to grab as opposed to a pull apart monkey bread? (We know, you wouldn’t do that…) Opt for individual treats so you don’t need to share serving utensils. 

By planning ahead, we can make safe choices that others will enjoy just as much!


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