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Watch Party Tech Suggestions

If hosting a Watch Party indoors

likely in your living room or basement, you can use the TV set up you already have. If it’s a smart TV, you should be able to stream the service directly from the Youtube or Facebook Live apps found there. Another option is streaming from your laptop and using a HDMI cord to connect to your TV.


If hosting a Watch Party outside

you’ll have a bit more planning to do with your tech. Here’s a few things to think through: 

  • Are you able to easily move a TV from inside your house or should you purchase an affordable one (perhaps used) specifically for this?
  • Set up your TV in the shade to avoid glare. Placing it right inside your open garage with everyone’s chairs on the driveway could be a great solution! You’ll need a simple table to place it on and a tabletop TV stand, like this one. You’ll likely need an extension cord as well!
  • You won’t want to rely on wifi outdoors, so be sure you opt in to host a Watch Party, so we can send you a link to access downloadable versions of Parkview’s service.
  • Once you have your TV set up and the service downloaded on your laptop, you’ll just need an HDMI cord to connect them. If your laptop has a USB port, this USB to HDMI cord is likely the best choice. 

Another great option is watching on a projector screen! Playing the downloaded video from your laptop, you’ll also need a projector, a USB to HDMI cord, a projector screen, and some computer speakers.

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